Recovery Network & Broadcast Systems

Doctor w Senior Patient

This revolutionary hospital broadcast system is a visual aid to point patients in hospitals to education. When a patient turns on a TV, they find the right balance of entertainment in education through real-life, age specific stories. Viewers become engaged by identifying themselves with others in similar medical circumstances or times in their lives while being encouraged to learn more about their healing process. The network’s mission in education is to have an immediate impact on the patient’s recovery through a positive mindset and family participation.

It’s amazing to see this solution come to fruition, especially after seeing the need for communications first hand from both the patient side and the hospital side of this system. With more than a decade of time with hospital clients I began to the need for extended communications inside their circle of influence. Proper health and recovery explanations are something that has to be done thoroughly and repetitively and bedside broadcast serves both the patients in better understanding and support for hospital staff with limited time and materials. Fives years after inception with a handful of brilliant technicians, wonderful producers, and financial advisers we are now watching thirst service extend across the US.