DIREC Educational Programming is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that produces engaging digital programming and transmedia that informs, empowers, and inspires healthcare patients, students, and the general public.

DIREC was founded by Jon Lindgren who states, “I never really knew the extent of the damage I suffered from a concussion until more than a decade later. The immediate experience was definitely traumatic, yet it wasn’t until years later that I realized my lack of recovery protocol would fester additional issues in my health and relationships. Too often, people lack the understanding, support, and resources during and after a health issue to recover properly. This is where I believe our mission begins and where we can have the greatest impact. Providing knowledge and resources to people during a very serious health crisis in their life will make all the difference in the world for them and their families for years to come!”

A multi-platform media organization, DIREC serves hospitals, schools, and the general public through television, mobile devices, the web, and ancillary materials.